Ten years after first bringing together his own band, Johnny travelled to study at the Dick Groove School of Music in Los Angeles in 1992. Learning the ropes of blues and jazz guitar by day, he spent the evenings developing a rock fusion sound, gigging at venues such as the Palamino Club. “People like Jeff Richman and Jay Diversa weren’t just at the top of their own recording careers, they were innovative and dedicated teachers,” says Lennartsson. “They’d drill us on our impro and sight-reading, but they’d as soon drive us out of the classroom and into local clubs like the Baked Potato.”The alumni of the “Groove School” include the esteemed session guitarist, Mike Landau, and Toto guitarist, Steve Lukather. “Something must have happened at the school, because Landau is a hero to this day,” says Lennartsson, “and I know I owe a lot in my sound to that time.” What the trio share is a deep-seated search for the authentic. It’s in their attitude to life and faith, as well as in a near-obsessive passion for the guts and innards of Seventies tube amplifiers and Tyler guitars.

JOHNNY LENNARTSSON – guitarist and vocalist and composer have also been involved in WALKINLIGHT in early 90’s one of the best AOR/WESTCOAST band from SWEDEN

In 2004, Lennartsson was asked to step into the musical shoes of Dave Gilmour as part of the 21-strong band, High Hopes. The goal was to recreate both the musical and scenic spectacle of Pink Floyd’s Earls Court show, the Wall.The reception for the project was more than hoped for. In 2005, the epic Gilmour sound rang out across a crowd of 6,000 as the show topped the bill at Kungstorget for the Gothenburg Festival.  “It’s been great fun to record this CD,” says Lennartsson, “but if I’m honest, it’s even more fun to be out and gig these new songs.”

Sadly the bass player Lars Winter passed away in 2012 and the band took a needed break.

In late 2012 they found their new bass player Martin Johansson and the spark and energy is back.

In February 2013 JLG recorded their first promotional video for the opening song "Feel The Fire" marks a new start and era for Johnny Lennartsson Group they are ready for new adventures.